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NZ120 is the name given to the modelling of New Zealand’s railways at a scale of 1:120. NZ120 combines commercially available N scale track, mechanisms and parts at a bigger size than N scale to represent New Zealand’s railways. NZ120 allows for much longer trains and bigger scenery than other scales.  New Zealand’s railways are built to a narrow track gauge of 3 foot 6 inches (1067mm), while most railways around the world use a standard track gauge of 4 feet 8.5 inches (1435.1 mm). This means most models are created for standard gauge prototypes.  The scale of 1:120 is the same as TT scale, a scale particularly popular in Europe – for narrow gauge, it is also referred to as TTn3.5, or TT9 for the 9mm gauge of the track. exists to develop and foster the NZ120 community by providing a spot where you can find relevant information and help, and you can contribute to discussions. For NZR plans see the Plans page or see the NZ120 Facebook group . NZ120 modellers are members o


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3 Foot 6 Models

TT:120 - what does it mean for NZ120?

3D printed NZ120 containers

Magorail for NZ120

NZ120 action at Palmerston North 17 18th July 2021

Welcome back Motorised Dandruff!

NZ120 track gang layout at Rail-Ex