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Monday, September 17, 2012

Right said FRED - part IV

Kitchen table modelin'
So, the container is now attached and (badly) decaled and the FRED unit built from strip styrene. Now to weather the thing so no-one notices how badly the decals were put on...

But seriously, it's bloody hard to put large decals on ribbed container sides. Next time I'll stick to flat-sided NZR containers for the 80s and 70s. You know the kind:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Squiggles

Lack of updates here for a while, apologies. I've been playing with SCARM to see what I could do. 

The dark blue line is the outline of the existing baseboards, everything else is... well, unsupported at the moment. Track marked in red is what's actually been laid. Everything else is ... um, unlaid:

And here it is in 3D:
No glasses required.
The 3D render hides the hidden tracks on the left hand side. This is a fiddle-cum-storage area. There's a couple of things I'd change, a few curves need to be smoothed out. Overall I like the concept. Thoughts?