NZ120 uses commercially available N scale mechanisms. N scale is a ratio of 1:160, while NZ120 is 1:120, but the gauge of 9mm is the same, to represent New Zealand's narrow gauge.

Diesel locomotives

DA/DC class (A1A-A1A)

Atlas (SD35, SD24) Kato (SD7/9)

DX class (Co-Co)

Kato SD40-2

DF(T) class (Co-Co)

Bachmann 8-40C

DG class (Co-Co)

Lifelike PA1

DI class (Co-Co)

Lifelike PA1

DJ class (Bo-Bo-Bo)

DL class (Co-Co)

Atlas SD50/60 
Kato Dash 9 
Kato es4400c4 
Kato es4400ac 
Kato es4400dc 
Kato SD-70 
Kato SD-70m 
Kato SD-70mac
Kato SD-70ace

DSG class

Atlas RS3 for KiwiTrains shell

Steam locomotives



Graham Farish 2 axle bogie #8109 or Lifelike N scale GP 20