Welcome to New Zealand Rail 120, Lewis Holden's blog on modelling railways in New Zealand. I'm now modelling in 1:87 (HOn3.5). For NZR plans see the Plans page, or the NZ120 Facebook group.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

NZ120 Micro module IX

Getting there. I've now added a proper backscene. This was printed by a local printer here in Upper Hutt, Print Big. I'm quite pleased with the result:

The trick was to match the backscene with the module's landscape.

A short train on the bridge - hope no-one notices the lack of couplers.
The module is almost there - there's lots of little bits and pieces to add (e.g. more trees, fences, and possibly a house in the left hand corner) but otherwise it's about 90% finished.

The module as at today.
I'm tossing up whether I should make a corner module next or a traverser. I'm thinking a traverser as that means I've got storage space for rolling stock...

Sunday, May 10, 2015

GT class car-carrying wagon III

A few pics from this weekend - I painted my GT wagon car-carrier:

The print straight of the box. Underframe is in front, shell behind.

Shell and underframe getting a coat of grey primer.

Shell getting a coat of silvery-aluminium like paint. It's pretty hard to work with.

Underframe (plus an IA wagon) was painted matt black.

The two re-united with two bogies (stolen from the IA). Looking good so far!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

GSW 10ft container in the flesh

Finally painted my GSW container model, I'm pretty pleased with the result. Only issue is there's no little plate to put the class name/number on, or one for the NZ Rail logo... oops!