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Monday, February 9, 2015

DSG 3249 in NZ120 IV

Getting there... (harsh close-up)
Painting DSG 3249 is moving glacially ahead. I've done a first coat of white on the handrails, although as you can see there's a few patches left to go. I might then do a wash to bring out the grille detail.

Next up will be making decals (an NZ Rail logo plus numbers and a teeny-tiny "Remote Control" decal), a spray of dull coat to keep them in place and then it's the glazing.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

GSX containers I

My latest 3D model - the GSX container:
You can buy one here. I won't make a NZ64 version as Station Road already makes a 1:64 version.

I've based my design on the plan in the August 1997 New Zealand Model Railway Journal. The main thing that seems to vary is the end wall ribbing (see picture below of two GSX containers), the way the handles are set up and the size of the plates.

Couple of ideas for liveries:

Photo by Andrew Hamblyn. Used with permission. Note NZ Rail logo.
The Fleming's version. Note NZ Rail logos...