Introduction - getting started

What is NZ120?

NZ120 is the name given to the modelling of New Zealand’s railways at a scale of 1:120

NZ120 combines commercially available N scale track, mechanisms and parts at a bigger size than N scale to represent New Zealand’s railways. 

NZ120 allows for much longer trains and bigger scenery than other scales.

Why does NZ120 even exist?

New Zealand’s railways are built to a narrow track gauge of 3.5 feet (1067mm), while most railways around the world use a standard track gauge of 4 feet 8.5 inches (1435.1 mm) – which means most models of trains are created for standard gauge prototypes.

The scale of 1:120 is the same as TT scale, a scale particularly popular in Europe. For narrow gauge, it is also referred to as TTn3.5, or TT9 for the 9mm gauge of the track. N scale track is 9mm gauge.