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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Doesn't matter, I've got (a) PK

Classic 1990s advert...

Anyway I've been working on making a PK class wagon via 3D printing for a while. PKs are basically shorter standard UK class intermodel (i.e. container) wagons. Introduced from 1980 they're essential for any 1990s model. Although now coming to the end of their working lives (the introduction of the new IP class may be fatal) you can still see upgraded versions about - e.g. PKK and PKS.

I've created one in 1:120 scale for 3D printing - this time with a few differences:
Playing around in Tinker CAD:

The idea with this 3D Model is for it to be able to be cast using RTV and Epoxy resin. So there's no enclosed spaces as such (although the end pockets for the couplers will need to be filled in). I've never done this before so it'll be a bit of a learning experience! This model is fairly basic as a result, additional details (e.g. the shunters stanchions) will be added later. I've not ordered a print yet but will do so in the new year. You can get one here

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Video O'the week

Here's one from Woodville by EJ Videos, note the Hatuma Lime containers behind the DX:


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hatuma Lime containers II

Wow, this one has been over a year in the making...

Containers in the flesh on a UK wagon
...checked the original post and it was back in November 2014!

I really need a PK class wagon for them to go on. I've got a UK (just received from Shapeways).

GSX containers II

Print arrived a few weeks ago but I've finally cleaned it up and painted it:

Awful close up.
And then I dirtied it by weathering it...

GSX, GSW and LSC containers on an IA wagon.
GSX containers are available on Shapeways.