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Friday, January 30, 2015

DSG 3249 in NZ120 III

A quick update: after a lot of work drilling holes, expanding the gaps for the couplers and drilling out the lights and modifying the chassis, I've finally primed DSG 3249.

If you want to apply acrylic paint to Shapeways FUD models, apparently the best way to do it is the bathe them in Acetone (used in nailpolish remover) to remove any residue:

 After giving the DSG a bath (and a couple of my other recent efforts, including the bridge spans and LWD container) I washed it in cold water, brushing off any left over residue, using the toothbrush above (an old one!).

Then it was to the paint booth for a prime with an acrylic primer from SuperCheap Auto:
It's come out well, the detail has really shown up (also on the bridge spans and LWD).

Next step will be that fiddly one where you've got to put tape on everything so you don't get paint on places you don't want it. Oh joy...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

DSG 3249 in NZ120 II

DSG 3059 in NZ Rail livery. Not sure who took this one sorry.
Note this loco doesn't have shunters refuges yet.
There is a solution to the DCC decoder problem with my DSG 3249 build - get a smaller decoder.

I've purchased a new Z scale decoder, a DZ146PS and squeezed this into the cab (the cavity above the chassis in the cab is 19mm long x 21.5mm wide x 10mm high). I'll save the decoder the loco came with for another project.

I recycled the Microtrains couplers off the RS3. They're actually pretty fine for a N scale model (I always thought N scale couplers look waaaay too big). And simply screwed in behind the headstock.

I've removed the handrails, I'll make my own from wire I think.
DSG plans - without shunters refuges

Pics of what I've done:

With original bogies.