DSG 3249 in NZ120 II

DSG 3059 in NZ Rail livery. Not sure who took this one sorry.
Note this loco doesn't have shunters refuges yet.
There is a solution to the DCC decoder problem with my DSG 3249 build - get a smaller decoder.

I've purchased a new Z scale decoder, a DZ146PS and squeezed this into the cab (the cavity above the chassis in the cab is 19mm long x 21.5mm wide x 10mm high). I'll save the decoder the loco came with for another project.

I recycled the Microtrains couplers off the RS3. They're actually pretty fine for a N scale model (I always thought N scale couplers look waaaay too big). And simply screwed in behind the headstock.

I've removed the handrails, I'll make my own from wire I think.
DSG plans - without shunters refuges

Pics of what I've done:

With original bogies.