Welcome to New Zealand Rail 120, Lewis Holden's blog on modelling railways in New Zealand. I'm now modelling in 1:87 (HOn3.5). For NZR plans see the Plans page, or the NZ120 Facebook group.

Monday, April 27, 2015

NZ120 Micro module IIX

I've now got the piers in place and painted, painted the river bed and laid down some of the riverstones. Next step will be weathering the bridge, and putting the fake water (Woodland Scenics realistic water) in place.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

NZ120 Micro module VIII

Bridge made up of three 30ft spans
Not a huge amount of process this week. Finally painted the three 30ft bridge spans and attached them to the track, with a bit of filing down they fitted snugly. Next job is to build the piers and then add the river gravel.

Also got two more module ends today from Mark Andrews so I can start planning a corner module.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

NZ120 Micro module VII

Progress to date
More progress on the micro module this weekend. As you can see I've ballasted part of the track and glued it down. I'll finish off the ground cover on the other side this week, ballast the track. Hopefully the next bridge span will arrive by then so trains don't have to magically fly across the gorge...

Monday, April 6, 2015

NZ120 Micro module VI

The long weekend gave me a chance to get stuck into the micro module build:

Some of the recycled polystyrene...
First I painted the back scene sky blue. Ideally I'd like to do one of those fancy hi-res pics of New Zealand scenery, but budget limitations etc... one day maybe.

I've wired up the tracks as well, one set of feeders one end. The feeder wires are connected to a chocolate block connector... not sure how we'll work this in future.

The front part was then painted dark green. I don't know why but this always seems to look better than any other colour. The remaining MDF / polystyrene I've painted "Burnt Sienna"; after a coating of some spray-on adhesive I added a little dirt.

Then on to building the bridge piers/supports and abutments. The supports aren't perfectly square, but will be once I get to them with a bit of sandpaper... first step is to dry them out.
Abutments and piers added...
The piers themselves have steel wire through them, mainly to steady them. The bridge itself is freestanding (i.e. the track can be soldered together and trains drive straight over... but where's the fun in that?) so the three bridge spans / piers will just be for show. But then everything in model railways is for show...