NZ120 Micro module IX

Getting there. I've now added a proper backscene. This was printed by a local printer here in Upper Hutt, Print Big. I'm quite pleased with the result:

The trick was to match the backscene with the module's landscape.

A short train on the bridge - hope no-one notices the lack of couplers.
The module is almost there - there's lots of little bits and pieces to add (e.g. more trees, fences, and possibly a house in the left hand corner) but otherwise it's about 90% finished.

The module as at today.
I'm tossing up whether I should make a corner module next or a traverser. I'm thinking a traverser as that means I've got storage space for rolling stock...


  1. Hi Lewis
    Very impressive backdrop, looking at doing one for my module but was wondering what material your backdrop was printed on?

    1. Hi Scott,

      Not sure sorry - will have to check with the printer I used.


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