PFC bulk flour containers

Darryl Bond over at Motorised Dandruff has built a pair of these containers, which NZ Railways Rolling Stock states were first introduced in 1972. They're similar to Peter Bryant's Bulk plaster containers. They were later put onto UK container wagons and classified UKP:

UKP with two bulk plaster pods, Wellington, 1987. From Flickr.
However the bulk flour containers were significantly different in design...
PFCs at Ngauranga, from NZ Railways Rolling Stock Lists
Here they are unloading at Ngauranga from an old Rails magazine:
PFCs being unloaded at Ngauranga. Must make a gantry model next...
Here's a plan I found in the "Rolling Stock Operational Wagons" book:
Plans from the Rolling Stock book.
And of course... in NZ Rail colours:

Darryl Palmer photo.
So I've whipped this up:

Just waiting for it to be ready for sale...

UPDATE: now available for sale - US$25 for normal detail plastic and $35 for FUD.