More Modules in the Works

...or, a lame attempt at working MMW into a title.

After another bout of selling stuff off, I've finally got around to getting the NZ120 house from Shapeways on my first module:

Little House on the Module
As you can see I've carved out a flat area from the polystyrene. I'm going to wire the house with lighting so drilled through the MDF board.

Meanwhile I'm slowing working on the traverser module...

The idea I'm working on is that the two drawer sliders (the white things in the middle) will be attached to two cross-beams, which will have the opposite side of the slider on them to the storage track plate. This will allow the storage tracks to slide backwards and forwards so that any one could be the main through track. A barrel bolt at either end will hold the traverser in place.

Kind of like this one.