Hatuma Lime containers

Hatuma Lime has been a big user of rail since their works at Hatuma in the Hawke's Bay opened.

Hatuma's old logo, stolen from the interwebs.
These days they're using 20ft containers with removable canvass roofs - you can see a short rake of these containers on Google Maps. Some clearer pics below... but first two other shots. About 20 years ago Hatuma were using 1/2 size 20ft containers, cut in half, and mounted on PK class container wagons. Here's a pic from Rails magazine (remember them?) in the 1990s:

They also had this cool looking unloader thingee (and shed) in Marton. The unloader is still there but apparently it's not serviced by rail anymore, which is a shame.
Hatuma Lime unloader at Martin.
And now a more modern shot:

Modern containers being pushed into Hatuma's works.
Photograph copyright Kieran Chisnall.

...and another:
Shunting the PK wagons with lime containers at Hatuma.
Photograph copyright Kieran Chisnall.
Pretty straightforward design. Standard 20ft container without a roof. Here's what I've whipped up:

Will add this to the GT order I think...