GT class car-carrying wagon II

I've received four Type 16 bogies from Trackgang Products for my IA wagons - more on that shortly. The GT class wagons used a smaller type of Type 16 bogies, but using a bit of modeller's license I'm sure no-one will notice. Forget I even mentioned it.

There's bogies on the plans...
Anyway, with the bogies I can get an idea of the little measurements that aren't on the drawings (e.g. the space the bogies have to move within the chassis) and complete the chassis design. The next problem is the couplers.

I'm not sure exactly how much clearance these things will need, so I'm going to leave a decent gap (5mm x 3mm) for a coupler to be added in. Coupler pockets are designed for Microtrains couplers. I'm yet to see how these will go around corners, I suspect they'll need a wide radius though.

Here's what the chassis and shell look like, rendered:
The chassis is a separate piece, as you can see it's upside down for printing. There are stands on the ends of the chassis (the round things) you'll need to cut off, and four pieces of the undergrubbins that are supporting the sides for the printing process.

Other than that it should (fingers crossed) just slide into the shell, which has supports already in it to fit the chassis.

Now to order a print...