GT class car-carrying wagon I

The GT car carrying wagon was introduced in 1988. They've just been withdrawn and scrapped. I've always wanted one, but in 1:64 they're a whopping 39cm long. Even in NZ120 they're pretty long - 20cm.

I'm going to make this as a semi-kit set in two parts - the shell and the chassis. So far I've designed the shell for two of the versions of the GT - Mk I (technically drawing 2) and Mk II.

From NZ Railways Rolling Stock Lists
Mk I shell.
I've guesstimated how these were put together, as the NZ Model Railway Journal June 2007 edition has drawing for GT-4 (the one with rounded edges). The Mk II version (which was actually only one wagon):
Mk II shell

There's still the chassis to finalise (I need to get some Type 16 bogies and couplers) so the models won't be available on Shapeways until that part is completed. Another project could be to build the car-loading ramps for the wagons.

For now here's some pictures of GTs in service during the 1990s. One GT (GT75) did receive Railfreight branding:
GT with "Railfreight" branding. From the staff mag "Express"

Here's some more shot from a video I found: