NZ120 Micro module IV

Clamped, glued and screwed.
More progress. I've added blocks of wood 6mm below the top of the module ends, cut four lengths for risers and two more lengths to connect the risers. It's fairly light. As suggested to me I screwed the sections together before the glue sets.

Next step is to attach the length connecting the risers... as time allows!


  1. Nice work Lewis. I think these MMW module ends are superb and it's great to see someone doing something with them. What track are you going to be using ?

    1. I've got Code 55 PECO but it doesn't look right. Might sell it and see if I can get the Atlas stuff - although I don't know anywhere in NZ that does it, and I don't really have time to look at the moment!

    2. Easiest place to code 55 track is the US
      With the dollar the way it is price isn't bad either


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