Thoughts on defecting scales

So, my living and working arrangements are likely to be changing this year, which is highly frustrating as we only moved into our house two years ago and I finally got a garage to build a layout. That means the work I've done so far will have to be disassembled and possibly reassembled when we find a new house.

At the same time I've started to see the appeal of NZ120. For example, train lengths. Despite making the passing loops as long as I could realistically, the trains I can run are limited in length to the point that they don't look realistic. Then there's the cost - NZ120 is far more cost effective than larger scales. There is also, for me, the ability to do more with 3D printing. Putting together the HWT woodchip container model the other day I realised that 3D printing words much better in a smaller scale.

In addition, the Free-mo standards looks pretty good. I could build module(s) able to be transported.


  1. Hey Lewis. Come over to nz120 and have some fun modelling. I've still got my major 3/16th collection, but doing some nz120 is so much simpler. The standard is on scene instead of rolling stock detail. It's comparatively easy to get your rolling stock made and trains up and running in no time at all. Reliable loco drives on good representative bodies. 3D printed buildings and vehicles. TT scale people. the scene is set ready for you to do the deed!

    1. I'm having fun modelling, but the fun is probably going to come to an end as my living arrangements change.


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