HLC coal containers part I

HLC coal containers were introduced in the late 1980s. I purchased two kits from Darryl Palmer a while back, and I've finally got onto assembling them. I'm going to paint mine in the early 1990s Railfreight colours (i.e. grey with NZRL logos and "Railfreight Bulk Products" on the side). Only one was actually painted in this way, but as usual I'm taking liberties for the sake of my favourite branding...

HLC kit parts

Assembled kit. Next I'll add in a floor.
Assembly is pretty straightforward, as you'd expect there's a bit of cleaning up of the castings but otherwise it's a quick and easy build.


Free free to re-use... Railfreight doen't exist anymore!

HLC with Railfreight Bulk Products logo

Here's a pic of the HLC on a demo train. The curtain-side container is a GST, and a ZBP wagon is coupled to that.