GBD 10ft containers

GBD, another image stolen from Darryl Bonds website.
Another project, this time a request - the GBD containers of the 1970s. From the GBD page on NZ Railways Rolling stock it seems there were a few variations, and they've all been rebuilt a few times over, with the doors being moved around a bit.

I asked for the plans and Ev on uploaded them. Awesome. From the looks of things the remaining examples are used for grain cartage, and have had their doors moved to the roof and sides.

First shot at it...
However for the period I model (and the requester) it seems the doors were located on the front.
GBD containers being loaded onto container wagons (possibly USQ's?) at Auckland in the 70s.
Take II:

Available now in 1:64 and 1:87 scale.