ZH class in 1:64 II

So, I ordered one of Pete's ZH wagons today off Shapeways, along with the NZ120 version of my ZBP parts. Hopefully they'll print all ok this time.

I've wanted a ZH for some time but other projects have got in the way - so I was very keen to see how one of Peter's prints will come out. The next issue is what decals to use - since I'm modeling the 1990-1995 era of New Zealand Rail Ltd, I was keen to make decals along the lines of the design used for the AusRail '95 ZH wagon, published in the October 2000 edition of the Journal. However, the design itself was in black and white - so after posting a question on the New Zealand Locomotives Facebook group, many pics were forthcoming. Stacy Chandler came up with this gem:

ZH 82 with the "New Zealand Rail" logo applied for AusRail '95. Pic from Stacy Chandler, used with permission.
 ...I've come up with these decals:
Feel free to copy them for your own models (or scale them down for NZ120 versions).