Switching in

This weekend I started the long delayed task of wiring up the PECO point motors I've installed on the majority of the turnouts on the layout, and creating control panels for them.

I've created a separate bus (i.e. two wires underneath the baseboard) to power all the non-DCC electronics, basically the turn-out motors. The motors are switched using DPDT switches, which I've installed on control panels like this one below.
One of the two panels I installed (I'm going to call the intermediate station "Pukerua"). This one controls the sidings off the station - one for Ravensdown and two for the sawmill scene.
Redundant PECO switches... free to a good home.
As a result of using DPDT switches where the switch defaults to off, and you can push the lever momentarily onto the on position - ideal for controlling points motors. I've removed the two PECO points switches I had previously dangling dangerously underneath the layout.

They're free to a good home, just contact me (nothing wrong with them - they're just surplus to requirements). Basically they require a large hole to be cut in the control panels which is problematic. PECO does make a special plastic stand for the switches but that's an additional expense I can't really justify.