3D printed ZM wagon II

Carrying on with my obsession with Roman numerals, I've finally got back to the ZM wagon mentioned a few months ago. Basically John Harris pointed out that the struts on Peter's original model were wrong, so I've modified them myself (Peter's subsequently updated the wagon). The wagon's also had a quick primer, as you can see this has made the worst of the powdery plastic disappear.

Next I'll add the handrails and it'll be off to the paint booth with my ZBP wagon and a Cross Creek ZP I've assembled.

The final scheme for the ZM will be Cato blue, ala this wagon on a recent shunt to Tamaki (I've been between jobs recently so popped down to the local sidings to snap this shunt, which usually runs about the middle of the day):

Not sure if I'll grafitti my wagon like this one...