DXR 8007 part II

Harsh close up...
Drilled all the required holes on DXR 8007 for the handrails, grabs and brake hoses. Turned out to be much harder than drilling into whitemetal as I'm used to - basically the plastic melts as it heats up, and drilling tends to create a fair bit of heat.

The plastic that comes out on the drill bit also melts onto the bit - so you've got to constantly clear the plastic off the bit.

After all the holes were drilled (including two 3mm ones in the front for ditch lights, if you look carefully at the pic above you'll see them) it was time to start adding the handrails. I tackled the front handrails first (as they're the hardest of course...) and you can see the results above. Next will be the running-board handrails as well as the top long hood ones, then finally the back end.

I've used Tamiya filler to close up the holes, which are marginally too big. The next issue may be that I'll run out of 0.5mm wire... this may require a trip to the art supplies store tomorrow.


  1. Very nice! The original cab Dxr certainly was stylish!

  2. The way to drill out on plstic models is to use a pin chuck and hand drill. Takes a tad longer but you end up with a better finsh to the hole!

  3. Hmm... may need to invest in one of those! Thanks for the tip.


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