Going Digital

Not the TV, my layout. It's been a while in between drinks, thanks to the install of a new Digital Command Control (DCC) system. I've finally taken the plunge and installed the Digitrax Super Chief DCC system I bought a few months ago online. Initially I'd just hooked it up to my test track, but went all the way today and got the rest of my layout ready to go.

The first candidate for a decoder was DX 5483. I'll probably write more about the experience of programming it later.


  1. Nice! Some vid's/pic's of it in operation showing the control system etc from a user point of view would be superb! My layout is entirely DC however I am currently looking at different dcc systems on youtube.

    1. Digitrax is the best from what I could gather. I'll put up a video of my DX once I re-attach the shell. I've got another 2x decoders on order as well, one for the DFT and one for the DA. Will try to get them running all at once...


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