3D models II

Some of you might've heard that we are soon to lose the Kensey 1:64 scale sleepers we've been using on our layouts to make unsatisfactory HO scale track look... umm satisfactory for New Zealand conditions.

Fear not, for I have a solution. Well I think I do:
Using my limited 3D skills and a trusty camera, I set off to Penrose railway station (the closest one to my house) to measure up some sleepers fresh from the factory that had been handily stored right next to the footpath. If I was a better CAD designer I could've made the whole Pandrol clip thing (you can actually download designs of their clips from their website, I think to use that might be copyright violation of some sort...).

And after much mucking around on SketchUp and MeshLab, here's the finished product. It's designed for Code 100 rail (the track cradles will be too small for Code 83). I've ordered a set to see how they turn out. You can get them here.