Fertiliser unloading II

Started work on the fertiliser unloading pit today. Using the rough dimensions I've been able to garner from Google Maps, I measured the pit width and removed the sleepers from under the rail, and cut out a  section of the underlay I use (foam bedding). Unfortunately some is still stuck to the baseboard.

Next, I bought some wire mesh from Gordon Harris. It's not cheap, but looks the part. It's very fine so needs to be cut with scissors. Excess wire tends to simply fall off, or needs to be carefully pealed off.

Once it was measured and cut, it was time to bend the edges. I used the edge of my metal ruler to bend the edges. The centre part was the hardest as both sides needed to be folded.

Next it's off to the paint shop. The mesh is a little finer than I thought, but should thicken up a with a coat of paint.