Right said FRED - part III

A USL log wagon with FRED attached in the New Lynn trench.
It's Sunday and that means time to play trains. Also it's raining and I couldn't do the lawns.
First take one UK wagon...
 So, I drilled two holes in the UK's brass sheet deck - the first close to where the 40ft container would sit, the other on the side of the wagon. I made this hole big enough to add in a micro-switch.

I then used my hot glue gun to secure the battery pack and circuitry, and used a wire-tie to tidy the whole thing up:
As you can see I got impatient and added the LED...
I then fixed a small balsa-wood block to the deck to hold the container in place. I'e also (finally!) cut a top for the container, which will need to be painted, decalled and weathered next.