NZR track and more III

Part II here.

Righto, so after the camping mat was glued in place, it was painted quickly using some cheap acrylic paint (I think called "Burned Sienna") - it looks brown like dirt, which is the main thing:

Then it was time to add a powerfeed to the NZR track I'd made up. At the break in the track I filed away the oxidisation on the fishplates, and soldered hook-up wire to each rail:

I then drilled holes for the wires.

And now the track's in place:

Here's the holes for the wires with the track in place:

Then back come the books to hold the track in place as the glue dried:

Finally, I painted the sides of the track using Humbrol enamel "rust" in Matt. I can't remember exactly what its number is:

The next step will be to remove the paint from the top of the rail (with a fine-grade sandpaper), and away we go. I've already tested the track with Thomas and my DX, and it works fine.